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Erik Hansen 2-10-14 kickoff

ytterberg for congress announcement

RCoC Feb meeting

We had three (Greg Brophy, Steve House, and Mike Kopp) Colorado Republican Governor candidates attend to answer your questions. Co-sponsored by The Reagan Club of Colorado, Adams County Republicans, Colorado Republican Business Coalition, and Broomfield County Republicans.

The left’s political methods make Gov. Christie look like Little Bo Peep.

There haven’t been so many reporters chasing a story in Trenton, N.J., since Washington crossed the Delaware. But compared with the methods the Democratic Party is using now to take down its opponents, Chris Christie looks like Little Bo Peep.
Gov. Christie’s hyper-political aides ordered traffic jams in neighborhoods near the perpetually backed-up George Washington Bridge to annoy the mayor of Fort Lee. And they may have canceled meetings with the mayor of Jersey City because he wouldn’t endorse Mr. Christie. Oh my.

Wonder Land columnist Dan Henninger on why New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s scandal pales in comparison with Democratic attempts to eliminate political opposition. Photo: Getty Images

The Christie bonfire has burned for a week. In that same week, The Wall Street Journal reported that the FBI found nothing in the IRS’s targeting of conservative political groups that warrants criminal charges.

This conclusion struck lawyers Jay Sekulow and Cleta Mitchell as fairly amazing. Both represent conservative groups targeted by the IRS, and they say the FBI only recently got in touch with a few of their clients.

Thus, two of the most powerful public institutions in the U.S.—the FBI and the IRS—have concluded no harm, no foul, and the memory hole swallows the Obama administration’s successful kneecapping of the GOP’s most active members just as they prepared to participate in the 2012 presidential campaign. Many—ruined or terrified by the IRS probes—shut down. Mr. Obama won. Continue reading

“Americans begin this new year with a renewed commitment to our ideals and with confidence that the peace will be maintained and that freedom for all men will ultimately prevail. So, wherever you are, America sends to you a New Year’s wish of good will. To all who yearn to breathe free, who long for a better life, we think of you; we pray for you; we’re with you always.” – Ronald Reagan

The Reagan Club meets on the second Thursday of every month at CB & Potts, 1257 W 120th Avenue, Westminster, CO, 80234 from 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. with doors open at 6:00 p.m. Enter via CB & Potts main entrance and head to the back meeting room. Food and beverages are available from CB & Potts. We feature different programs and speakers as we honor the 40th President. The Reagan Club of Colorado seeks to promote the Constitution, smaller government, lower taxes, personal freedom, helping candidates, and educating the public about one of our greatest presidents, Ronald Wilson Reagan.

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