Monday was Constitution Day. This federal holiday commemorates the drafting of the U.S. Constitution, and the 39 Founding Fathers who brought forth the charter of the world’s greatest democracy.

This celebration has taken on new relevance, thanks to the left’s escalating war on history.

The protests began last August, when demonstrators filled the streets of Charlottesville, demanding removal of a bronze statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Since then, as President Trump and others predicted, the madness has spread. The mob has since moved on from attacking Confederate statues to targeting symbols of our American democracy and traditions.

This week the city of Portland, Maine, became the latest city to do away with Columbus Day – it will be celebrating Indigenous People’s Day instead.  City residents called the discoverer of the New World a “murderer” and “enslaver” for his treatment of Native Americans. Los Angeles, Seattle, Albuquerque, San Francisco and Denver, as well as the states of Alaska and Vermont have also shed the holiday.

In 2016, anti-cop violence and other left-wing protests pushed many voters to pull the lever for Donald Trump. The escalating war on history may similarly help other candidates advocating public order.

Meanwhile, according to The New York Times, Confederate statues have now been removed or are under dispute in more than 40 cities. Monument bashers have also protested or defiled likenesses of, among others, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Christopher Columbus and Francis Scott Key, the composer of the national anthem.