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Date:  July 23, 2016
10:15 p.m..

From     The President of The Reagan Club
To           Members of The Reagan Club of Colorado

With the conclusion of our National Convention, I wanted to send you my intention to resign as President of The Reagan Club of Colorado effective August 1, 2016.


Because of family commitments I will be relocating to the Omaha, Nebraska area in early August.  The Board of Directors has been aware of this for over a month – and have worked together to make the transition smooth.


Recently, the Board unanimously selected Fred Ramirez to lead the club until our next election in January  of 2017.   Fred brings so many good qualities as a leader, citizen and conservative.


His experience with Promise Keepers, law enforcement, community relations and as a father and grand father . . . has made him an unselfish, positive and productive member of his community, our party and The Reagan Club of Colorado.  He has been an invaluable member of the Reagan Club Board of Directors and to the county party.


Please take a minute to talk with Fred and thank him for taking on the additional duties and offer your support during what is going to be a great and challenging election.


I regret not being here with you in the coming weeks and missing out on the satisfaction of making Adams County a great county with responsible, honest, effective leadership by the new Republicans after they win in November.


My final day as President will be on August 1st , with Fred addressing all of you at our August 11th  “Rendezvous with BBQ” at the Adams County Fairgrounds. (Tickets are $10.00 if purchased online and will be available on July 26th at – tickets will be $15.00 at the door.)


I have enjoyed my time land I’m grateful for the great work of the Board.  The past 3 years have gone by quickly – and I have watched with great satisfaction as so many of you have contributed so much to our candidates and our party.  The memories I have will be with me for a very long time.


Fred has asked that should you wish to talk with him about any issue – that you are invited to call him at (720) 635-1714.



Michael J. Stoffler

Shawn Mitchell & Mike Stoffler

Hillary Clinton chose Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia as her running mate on Friday, making a prototypical Clinton decision that adds a safe politician to her ticket. Kaine might provide a marginal electoral benefit in his home state, but in choosing him, Clinton is making the bet that she doesn’t need a splashy running mate to beat Donald Trump.

Kaine has been mentioned as a possible candidate for the ticket for months. Of course, there’s usually a reason why someone is consistently on a short list: He or she makes sense as a vice presidential pick. Kaine speaks Spanish, so he can comfortably represent the ticket on Hispanic media, acting as a counter to a Republican ticket that is seen as hostile to Spanish speakers. At the same time, he grew up in the Midwest, he’s Catholic, he’s white and he’s a man — the Clinton campaign may have been worried about voters resistant to a ticket with two women, or a woman and a Latino or African-American.

Plus, Kaine has been through the wringer before and isn’t likely to make a fool of himself. He has won two major statewide elections in Virginia (first for governor and then for senator) and was reportedly a finalist to be Barack Obama’s running mate in 2008. That’s helpful in avoiding the situation John McCain found himself in that year, when he selected then-Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, an unvetted politician who may have hurt McCain’s chances. The first rule of picking a VP is “do no harm,” and Kaine is likelier than most to pass that test.


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Sheriff David Clarke & Trump

She tells Sanders voters that she’ll revise the First Amendment.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks in Philadelphia.
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks in Philadelphia. PHOTO:ASSOCIATED PRESS

“Today, I’m announcing that in my first 30 days as President, I will propose a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and give the American people—all of us—the chance to reclaim our democracy,” Mrs. Clinton said in a taped speech to the Netroots Nation conference of progressives. First 30 days? Who knew the 225-year-old First Amendment was in need of such urgent revision?

Citizens United is the 2010 Supreme Court decision that restored the free-speech and association rights of corporations and unions. That decision was rooted, if we can use that word in polite netroots company, in the language of the First Amendment. The constitutional amendment Mrs. Clinton has in mind would have to rewrite James Madison. Dead white males may be out of progressive favor, but we suspect most Americans still trust Madison more than they do the boys at the Daily Kos.

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What Has Congress Ever Done for Us?

The Monty Python lesson about the House and Senate GOP.

That might as well be the dialogue for a typical conversation these days among conservatives about the Republican Congress. The talk radio crowd has so fed the narrative of GOP “betrayal” in Washington that even many Republicans believe Congress has accomplished nothing since they took the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014. The truth is that while the GOP Congress can’t match the Romans, it has achieved far more than the critics claim.

Start with everything the GOP Congress has prevented. Universal pre-K, gun regulation, a $15 national minimum wage, an ObamaCare bailout for insurers, equal pay regulation, more disclosure of campaign donations, “free” community college, a new “infrastructure bank,” closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay, among many others. President Obama proposed each of those, often more than once, but they vanished faster than Martin O’Malley’s presidential campaign thanks to the GOP Congress. Continue reading


Colorado candidate calls for support for ‘our heroes in blue,’ ‘all lives matter’

CLEVELAND, Ohio—Republican Senate candidate Darryl Glenn electrified the crowd at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on Monday evening, drawing heavy applause for his comments on race relations and the police, saying “all lives matter.”

Glenn helped kick off a night of high-profile speeches, appealing to the crowd to support “our heroes in blue” in Baton Rogue and Dallas after a series of police killings.

Glenn, a black conservative, Air Force veteran, and county commissioner, also criticized President Barack Obama for dividing the country on racial lines.

The four-minute speech was marked with memorable one-liners, capturing the spirit of Glenn’s fiery speech in April at the Colorado GOP convention that propelled the candidate to victory in a crowded Republican primary.

“I am often asked why are you a Republican?” Glenn said. “It’s because the Democrat party is the party of handouts. After more than seven years, the only thing we have left in our pockets is change.”

Glenn called Obama the “divider-in-chief,” adding America is “more racially divided today than before he ran.”

“Mr. President, I have a message,” Glenn said. “This is not about black America, white America, brown America. This is about the United States of America.”

“Somebody with a nice tan needs to say this,” Glenn said. “All lives matter.” Continue reading

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  • Make America One Again
  • Make America GREAT Again

make america great again

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