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Dear Republican Patriots in Adams County,
WE HAVE 14 DAYS TO SAVE OUR NATION!  I NEED YOUR HELP!  As of this morning, only 6.69% of Adams County Republicans have returned their ballots. We need to get the number to 100% ASAP.
Republican Democrat Unaffiliated Other
Registered 66084 93523 98081 4158
Voted 4418 7275 3960 206
Turnout 6.69% 7.78% 4.04% 4.95%
1) We need YOU to help with GET OUT THE VOTE!  We need door knockers, people to help make phone calls @ the Adams County Republican Victory Office, located at:
2200 East 104th Avenue, Suite 203,
Thornton, CO
The office is open Mon-Sat 9am-9pm and Sunday 12-9pm. Please call Cierra Bayers today at 303-525-4386 to discuss ways to help and when.  OUR COUNTY AND NATION NEED YOU NOW!!! 14 DAYS TO GO TO DELIVER FREEDOM OR RECEIVE COMMUNISM.
2) Election Integrity has been of utmost importance to us!!  We need Election Watchers! We need volunteers as a poll/election watcher in AdamsCounty with our crucial elections this year. In order to be initiated by our party, you must be a registered Republican. We are scheduling a second training session which will give you better information. Thanks to those who came last Friday!!
Information is below and please forward to other Republicans who might be interested.
We have to win Adams County, Colorado and our country and we need YOU.  Forward this on to as many Republicans as you can! Thanks!
1) RSVP for Friday’s Training Course (60 min)
What – Election (Poll) Watcher Training for 2016 November General Election
When – Friday 28 October 2016, 6:30-8pm
Where – O’Meara Ford, 400 W.104th Ave. Northglenn, CO 80234, 2nd Floor Community Room (walk to the back of the showroom and take stairs or elevator upstairs)
Trainer – ACRC Vice Chairman, Neal Mancuso
PS If Friday is not good for you, you can take the class in Denver and then Neal or I will sign your form soon after.
Denver’s In-Person Poll Watcher Training is scheduled:
Thursday, October 27, 7:00 p.m.
St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School Auditorium
1164 S Josephine Street
Denver, CO  80210
Please RSVP to Judy ( or 303 667 7207) and let them know you are coming.
2) Take the CO Sec of State WatcherTraining Course (30 min) over the next few days.
3) Review the Adams County Election WatcherGuide (15 min) over the next few days.
4) Get the Appointment Certificate signed by me (Anil Mathai – Chairman of the Adams County Republican Party) or Neal Mancuso (Vice-Chairman of the Adams County RepublicanParty). We can do it at Friday’sTraining.
Download the certificate here to print out and bring with you to the training.
Thanks for volunteering! Again, have a great time at the location ofyour choice ensuring our election is free from any concerns and that legitimate voters truly have their voice heard. Your county voters thank you!!!
Thanks and God bless!
Anil Mathai
Chairman – Adams County Republican Party


Doesn’t Clinton Embarrass Democrats?
In polite media society only Republicans are supposed to feel bad about their candidate.
Donald Trump wears his character flaws on his sleeve. Hillary Clinton seeks to prevent documentation of hers, even when the law requires it. Yet despite her best efforts, facts about Mrs. Clinton that are now public should trouble voters more than any of Mr. Trump’s remarks.
Not that it’s easy for Republicans to appear on a ballot with Mr. Trump, especially since media folk spend days after each controversial remark demanding responses from other GOP candidates. The objective is to force them to endorse or condemn Mr. Trump and suffer the consequences.
Fair enough, but reporters don’t force down-ballot Democrats to take a position on each new Clinton email revelation. The result is wall-to-wall media coverage focused on whether GOP voters can possibly support their candidate. But why should Republicans have all the fun? Democratic voters have every right to be ashamed of their nominee.

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Hillary’s New Constitution

Clinton explains how she’ll gut the First and Second Amendments.

Clinton explains how she’ll gut the First and Second Amendments.

BakerHostetler Partner David Rivkin on what the final debate revealed about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s vastly different plans for the Supreme Court. Photo credit: Getty Images.

Start with her answer to moderator Chris Wallace’s question about the role of the courts. “The Supreme Court should represent all of us. That’s how I see the Court,” she said. “And the kind of people that I would be looking to nominate to the court would be in the great tradition of standing up to the powerful, standing up on our behalf of our rights as Americans.”

Where to begin with that one? The Supreme Court doesn’t—or shouldn’t—“represent” anyone. In the U.S. system that’s the job of the elected branches. The courts are appointed, not elected, so they can be nonpartisan adjudicators of competing legal claims.

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The Reagan Club meets on the second Thursday of every month at CB & Potts, 1257 W 120th Avenue, Westminster, CO, 80234 from 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. with doors open at 6:00 p.m. Enter via CB & Potts main entrance and head to the back meeting room. Food and beverages are available from CB & Potts. We feature different programs and speakers as we honor the 40th President. The Reagan Club of Colorado seeks to promote the Constitution, smaller government, lower taxes, personal freedom, helping candidates, and educating the public about one of our greatest presidents, Ronald Wilson Reagan.

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