The GOP has a diverse field of Presidential candidates, Republican debates are finding huge audiences and Obama’s policies are still very unpopular. So why is it that almost every poll predicts that Hillary Clinton will win the Presidency if elections were held today? The answer: inside fighting. The solution: building anew Reagan coalition.

No Republican candidate can win the Presidency if he/she isn’t able to form a coalition of moderates (the so-called establishment voters), conservatives, tea party members, evangelicals and libertarians. Every candidate is of course allowed to focus on one or more ‘lanes’, but in the end whoever wins the nomination must form a big coalition.

Republicans’ landslide victories in the U.S. Senate and House were a first sign of this new Reagan coalition.

So which candidate can rebuild the Reagan coalition? Republicans should do their own analysis of the pros and cons of the different candidates. If the media says Rubio is a moderate, this does not mean he actually is a moderate. Rubio is a conservative on fiscal issues, social issues and foreign policy. The mere fact that he was part of the so-called Gang of Eight, doesn’t directly imply he is a moderate. The same goes for the media calling Cruz extreme or Carson incompetent. The fact that Clinton is less a socialist than Bernie Sanders does not mean she’s a conservative right?

Hispanics and African-Americans must be part of this new coalition.

At this moment, there is too much inside fighting going on. Bush called Trump a ‘chaos candidate’, Trump called Rubio ‘a clown’ and even Carson, who remained relatively non-confrontational, now sharpens his criticism of Ted Cruz.

Of the five top-tier candidates: Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Bush and Carson, two of these candidates face extremely negative feelings from (too) many Republicans:Donald Trump and Jeb Bush. To state it differently, moderate Republicans will not vote for Trump, conservatives will not vote for Bush.

In the end, all Republicans should be for defeating Hillary Clinton. My advice would be: it’s better to nominate a true conservative who can win than to vote for your preferred candidate if he/she will almost certainly lose. If a candidate is unable to unite the party, I think he/she has almost no chance of winning the White House. We don’t need a new Barry Goldwater election.

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