“Choice Words That Win”

These short videos equip Conservatives to confidently discuss issues with friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers who may not already be Conservatives.

“Why Choice?” introduces the series, explaining why we must take our word back from the Left. Choice is a Conservative value – not a Liberal one!

Our first series after “Why Choice?” is on abortion. This series first shows how to diffuse the emotions surrounding this issue so a rational conversation can take place – then we provide winning points for that conversation. Since this topic is rather complex, it is presented in four parts.

We greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word about The Party Of Choice. If you enjoy these videos, please share them with others.


Abortion, Part 1: Diffusing the Abortion Bomb


Abortion, Part 2: The Choice of Life


Part 3: Those Intense Abortion Issues – Rape


Part 4: Partial Birth and Late Term Abortions


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