Under the Obama presidency, the country has witnessed Christian owned bakeries be forced to go against their religious beliefs and be ordered to bake a cake for gay weddings or face jail time or fines. The gaystapo has gone out in full force attack against these bakeries with protests and intimidation. Some of these bakeries have chosen to fight back and others have closed down after they could not longer afford to fight.

They were told that they could not force their beliefs upon others and had no right to deny service to someone just because gay marriage violated their religious beliefs. Well, what would happen if gay bakeries were approached with an order to make a pro-traditional marriage cake with the message “Gay Marriage is Wrong,” or something to that effect?

Theodore Shoebat, who runs the site, decided to find out. He spent time calling numerous gay owned bakeries to request a traditional marriage supporting cake. He was met with anger, animosity, threats, and even profanity. Some even directly asked him why they would bake such a cake when it goes against their beliefs.

The federal government is not threatening to shut these businesses down. They are not being sued for denial of ‘equal rights’ to a cake. They are not being told they need to abandon their belief system and provide services to everyone. Those types of threats are obviously only reserved for Christians.

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